Why Diets Fail: The Key Factors

Would you be surprised to learn that the average American dieter makes upwards of six attempts to lose weight every single year? That is a surprising number that tells us something very important: people are embarking on diets and failing to lose the weight they so desperately want to get rid of. You see, they would not need six attempts if they succeeded on the first one.

Perhaps you are one of the six-attempt dieters. If so, you might be on the verge of forever giving up any hope of losing weight. We want to encourage you to step back and take one last look. Your diet failure is not likely the result of any physical or mental obstacle you cannot overcome. It is probably just the result of misinformation.

Keep reading to learn the key factors explaining why diets fail. If you can get a handle on these things, you should find your next effort to lose weight more successful than all your previous efforts combined.

Unrealistic Calorie Targets

Paying attention to calorie intake is a necessary part of weight loss and maintenance. But reducing calorie intake to starvation levels is not. In fact, doing so is both unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Please understand that starvation dieting only sets you up to fail by forcing your body to conserve fat for lack of caloric energy.

Yes, starvation diets will help you drop pounds quickly. But you will eventually plateau before the pounds come back in a big way. Rather than starving yourself, you need to find a healthy caloric intake that allows you to lose weight and still stimulate your metabolism properly.

Lack of Protein and Fiber

A healthy diet includes adequate volumes of protein and fiber. Protein is necessary for your body to work at optimal levels, and it also helps alleviate cravings by breaking down ever so slowly. As for dietary fiber, it helps regulate your digestion. The combination of protein and fiber does wonders to control appetite.

Complicated Meal Preparation

We tend to over complicate our diets to the point that we spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals according to extremely strict requirements. Not only is this aggravating but it is also a good way to kill the motivation to diet. If eating right requires so much work, who has the time or energy to do it? Fortunately, you can keep things simple and still prepare great foods that will actually help your diet.

Lack of Short-Term Goals

Every dieter has that long-term goal of reaching a specific size or weight. But a good diet does not rely only on those long-term goals. It also includes short-term goals that can be achieved incrementally. Short-term goals are necessary for motivation. These are necessary to help you modify what you are doing should it become necessary. A lack of short-term goals is a sure way to cause you to give up in frustration.

Most diets that fail do so because people do not really understand how to do it properly. Don’t fall victim to misinformation yourself. Instead, learn the right way to diet with the 2 week diet plan. Then you will succeed in reaching your goals.

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